If you're like us, a couple with no kids, or maybe you're down with your buddies or girlfriends and you just want to find somewhere you can hide from all the screaming kids.  Well, we love kids, but sometimes it's nice to have a little peace and quiet, especially when we're on vacation. The activities below are suggestions for you if you want to limit your exposure to children for at least one day on your vacation. These tours are for adults only. This does not mean "adults only" in the vulgar sense, it's just activities that grown-ups like to enjoy with as few kids around as possible.

Puerto Vallarta 
                                  Tours WITH YOUR RESERVATION

Booze Cruises
While not entirely kid-free, these are adult-oriented and not many kids.
Golf in Puerto Vallarta
If you ever need solitude, you know you can find it on the golf course.
Private ATV Tours
Hook up on an ATV tour and ride through the jungles of Sierra Madre.
Private Dune Buggy Tours
Private Dune Buggy tours will give you a rush of adrenaline!
Scuba Diving Certification
Unlikely to see kids in these classes - there is an age limit for certification.
Nightlife and Party Tours
The kids go to bed and the adults go party! These tours will light your fire.
Horseback Riding
The longer rides are usually too much for the kids - great fun!
Private Boat Charters
On your own private fishing charter, there will only be your group.
Scuba Diving
Although there is an off chance of a teenager here, it is unlikely.
Sunset Cruises
Cruise with your sweetie on these adult-oriented adventures.
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