Now with the explosion of new and exciting hotels in the Nuevo Vallarta and Bucerias areas, there is an increased demand for tours that depart from the Nuevo Vallarta area.  If you're staying in Nuevo Vallarta, you're about 15-20 minutes by taxi from Puerto Vallarta.  There are many tours that depart from the Nuevo Vallarta area, so you don't have to travel so far if you don't want to.  The tour meeting point will either be at your Nuevo Vallarta or Bucerias hotel or within just a few minutes by taxi or by bus.  You are, of course, always free to choose from any of the tours we offer, no matter where the meeting place is - this page is simply for your convenience.

 Nuevo Vallarta Tours - See all the tours that depart from Nuevo Vallarta!  Also tours departing from Bucerias and Punta Mita.  

Don't want to hop a taxi into Puerto Vallarta?  Now you don't have to!  This website is run by us, so don't worry - we're still your one-stop shopping tour providers in Puerto Vallarta - we just made this website to make navigating all the discount tours we offer even easier!

Fast Facts about Nuevo Vallarta:

Driving Time: About 15-20 minutes from Nuevo Vallarta to downtown, depending on traffic.  About 10 minutes to Marina Vallarta where most of the boat tours leave from.

Taxi Fare: This changes all the time, but at last check it was about $15 to Marina Vallarta and $20 to downtown Puerto Vallarta from Nuevo Vallarta.

Bus Fare: Approximately $1.50 USD into downtown.

Tours: Many of the tours offered on this website are also offered with free shuttles from Nuevo Vallarta.  There are also several tours that actually take place in Nuevo Vallarta.  However, you'll find many more tours in Puerto Vallarta than in Nuevo Vallarta, so even if you browse our new Nuevo Vallarta Tours site, make sure to come back if you don't find the perfect tour for you!