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If you want to maximize your experience on your vacation, the best way to do that is to plan your tours and activities well in advance of your arrival. You will do more, experience more, spend less, get higher quality excursions, and perhaps most importantly, and spend none of your vacation negotiating or looking at tour books.

To make this as easy as possible for you, we offer one of the most flexible cancellation and change policies around. If you have any doubts, please Contact Us.


All Date Changes Prior to 48 Hours Before the Tour Date are Free of Charge.

Exception: Private Groups (10 or More) or Private Boat Charters 40 Feet or Larger: 15 days prior to the tour date.

You may change your date closer to the tour date in the following circumstances:

  1. You are on a cruise ship, and your cruise ship does not make port due to weather or other reasons, per our no-port, no-pay policy below.
  2. We must cancel your tour for weather, mechanical or any other reason.
  3. We can clear the change with the tour operator and gain special approval for the change.

Keep in mind that availability on many tours is limited, so if you change close to the tour date, some tours may be sold out for the dates you want to switch to. To be safe, try to get your plans ironed out ahead of time if possible.


100% Refund: Cancellations Per our No-Port No-Pay Policy, Weather Policy.

95% Refund: Cancellations Received Prior to:

  1. 48 Hours in advance of tour date (all tours except as shown below).
  2. 7 Days in advance of tour date (fishing trips and private boats under 40 feet).
  3. 30 Days in advance of tour date (private groups of 10 or more and private boat boats 40 feet and over).

No Refund:

  1. No-Shows
  2. Late Arrivals
  3. Missed Pick-Up Times
  4. Cancellations Except as Shown Above
  5. Special Limited Time Offers and Multi-Day Tour or Admission Packages.


If during your sailing, your cruise ship is not able to make port as scheduled due to weather conditions, mechanical failure, or other unforeseen circumstances, we will cheerfully issue you a 100% refund of your money.

If an itinerary change is announced in advance of your sailing, while you still can reschedule your cruise, we offer you two convenient options.

1) We will issue you a voucher valid for 1 year that you can use to reschedule your tour with us free of charge.

2) Receive a refund in accordance with our cancellation policy above.

If your ship is changing itinerary and will port on a different date than originally scheduled, please call us or email us right away so we can make the necessary arrangements to reschedule your excursions so that you don't miss a beat. We need a little notice to be able to do this for you, so it is important to contact us in these situations.

This policy offers you peace of mind that you will not lose your money if your ship’s port of call is cancelled. There is no risk to book with us!


Most tours in Mexico run rain or shine. This is the tropics, so it can rain a little bit on any given day, so if they had a no rain policy, there would be no tour operators in Mexico. However, if it does rain, it is normally just for 15 minutes of nice, warm rain (feels good in the summer months!), then back to bright sunshine. Nothing to worry about.

If it rains on the day of your tour and the tour operator cancels the tour, of course, you are entitled to either reschedule for another day or a 100% refund, your choice. However, if the tour still runs, rain or shine, then our cancellation policy as stated above applies. Confirmed reschedules are treated as new reservations and are subject to all the terms and conditions herein including cancellation policies. No refunds are available for seasickness, so please take the advised precautions just in case.


For the well-being of all guests, you may not be allowed on the tour if you:

  1. Show signs of intoxication
  2. Show signs of infectious disease
  3. Are pregnant or do not meet the height or weight requirements for the tour
  4. Are unruly or otherwise disrupt the enjoyment of the other participants

See Full Terms and Conditions.